new site gen

27 Nov 2014


As of June 2017 I'm using the simply excellent blogdown with a few small contributions by myself to generate not only this blog, but my whole site, version controlled in git and hosting it on S3 - works really well.

So I looked around a while back for a static site generator that I could use (noe based since I want the option to customise/fix things if I have to) and after a bit of searching I couldn't find anything that matched what I was after (simple, small, minimal dependencies, no coffeescript, etc), though Marjin's Heckle came close and I started hacking on that until I realised I was going to end up changing most of it, so I started making my own dead simple one which loosy followed Heckles model which of course followed Jekyll's one.

Then today I decided I hadn't searched hard enough the first time and sure enough i found this summary site which gave me lots more choices to go through.

In the end it was between susi and poet but I ended up goign with susi because even though it was far less featureful, it was also closer to what I wanted and looked dead easy to use as a starting point. In fact it wasn't far off from what I would have written myself as a starting point!

Honorable mention to thumbsup which isn't what I was lookign for but i plan to try out for a different project I have in mind.