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Flutter in Production

As part of a talk I did last year, I covered the topic of things you need to do to get a Flutter app ready for deployment to production. This article covers that ground for those who prefer to read about it rather than watching the talk.


This is actually something that you want pretty much from that outset of your project, but really shows its worht when an app goes into production.

My recommendation here is Codemagic, for its amazing ease of use, being focused just on CI//CD for Flutter apps. For those not using a MacOS for development, it also provides the ability to deply to the AppStore without needing access to your own, local MacOS machine.


Crash Reporting

Crash reporting is essential if you want to know how well you app is fairing out there in the real world. While again there are a lot of choices for services to use, here Sentry is another stand out for me, with a google-maintained (aka first-party) pure-dart open source client package and a great web-based console.


Monitoring App/Play store feedback

Final thoughts