KISS GoodBye

10 Nov 2012

So while I've been happily using Blogger for a few years now based on the idea that hosting and maintaining my own blogging webapp was not high on my priority list, the recent back-to-the-future popularity of pre-rendered blogs from git repos and the brillant Marijn Haverbeke publishing his new simple Heckle, a node-based Jekyll clone made me want to give it a go again.

Well I wrote the above in 10 Nov 2012, yep almost 2 years ago! I didn't actually get much further then setting up the git repo and writing one post, which I subsequently put in a seperate github repo for backup. I thin one of the resons was that I wasn't comfortable with using Mold as templating language and I put of customising it for myself, for effective quick writing and posting.

However now I've decided to go even simpler and re-invent the wheel altogether with just the simplest possible script that I can get away with (I dislike the term mimium-viable-product, so instead I refer to it as simpliest-thing-working or just good old KISS really). So with that, I give you stw-sitemaker