My article writing process - late 2020 edition

30 Dec 2020

"a waterman fountain pen" (C) Maksim Lin 2021

I have gradually been changing and refining my article writing and publishing process over the years and thought I would take the time to quickly document (for my future self as much as anyone else) the process as it is now.


The 10,000ft overview is:

  1. Write article text copy as markdown, article metadata (as yaml front matter) and add pictures using the excellent Typora on Linux (mostly running inside Linux containers on Chromebooks)
  2. Move markdown file and associated image files to my websites blog section, which is generated using DSG, a static site generator built in Dart that I maintain.
  3. Often I will then tweak or update the article copy as well as adding in the correct paths for images in VSCode.
  4. Once I'm happy with the local preview of the generated site files, I push the whole site using Git to a Github repo, which then causes a automatic build and deploy on Netlify.
  5. For most articles, I then also import the article into my Medium account, fix the layout (mostly just extra newlines, adding back in missing headings) and re-publish there for wider exposure. I will then also usually tweet the Medium article link, sometimes also posting it in some community slacks.

And thats about it.


There is of course room for improvements. Things I'd like to work on in the near future:

I hope this has been of help to you and if it has or you have any other handy tips to share, please let me know in the comments below or via Twitter.