Android App and Android Embedded systems development


I've had the oppportunity to do a number of presentations at both large technical conferences and local user group meetings.

Android DataBinding: This is the DSL you're looking for

Presented at Yow Connected 2017

Android and Bitmap Debugging

Presented April 2011 at Android Australia Users Group

Building An Appliance on Android

Presented at Linux Conf Australia 2013 - Mobile Miniconf

Customing Android: Looking inside the droids belly

Presented at Yow Connected 2014

Espruino: JS go under limbo stick

Presented at OpenHardware Miniconf, Linux Conference Australia 2015

Git in the Browser: Then and Now

Presented March 2014 at MelbJS User Group

Oh the things you could do if you had a Chromebook too

Presented Apr 2016 at GDG Melbourne

Polished Droids: Bringing Android Apps to Chromebooks

Presented at Yow! Connected 2016

Project Grimlock

Presented at Linux Conf Australia 2013 - Mobile FOSS Miniconf

Redis Quick and Simple

Presented at Linux Conf Australia 2013 - Mobile Miniconf

The Secret Life of Services

Presented at Yow Connected 2015

Stetho - using Dev Tools for native app debugging

Lighting talk presented at Melbourne Google Developer Group, 26 July 2017